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Virtual Access JC Fridays

JC Fridays began in the summer of 2006 and is a seasonal arts festival in Jersey City, New Jersey presented by Art House Productions. JC Fridays features art events that take place in restaurants, galleries, stores, and event spaces in almost every neighborhood of our great city. On June 5, Art House Productions will celebrate […]

Nimbus PRESENTS: Stagedoor Series | ONLINE

Nimbus Launches: Stagedoor Series | ONLINE – Saturdays, 7pm Featuring in-depth conversation, behind-the-scenes engagement with Nimbus Dancers, Choreographers, Collaborators, PLUS preview of inaugural season at the Nimbus Arts Center. April 25 – Get to Know a Nimbus Dancer! With Donterreo Culp, Victoria Santaguida and Hannah Weeks [Recommended for Youth Audiences] May 2 – Process deconstructed: […]

I Shall Tell Only What I Want to Tell Drawing Workshop

Join artists Melissa McGill and Jo Nigoghossian for a conversation and drawing workshop to activate and engage with their exhibition, I Shall Tell Only What I Want to Tell, curated by Ysabel Pinyol Blasi. The artists will briefly introduce their work and specific topics of focus for the workshop’s drawing exercises. McGill and Pinyol Blasi […]

Paul Pinto, 15 Photos

7:30PM: Reception 8PM: Performance Created and performed by Paul Pinto, 15 Photos is a physical song cycle inspired by visual and written improvisations on aging, masculinity, medieval epics, death, and love. The intimate production incorporates various technological and theatrical elements. Pinto enlists his own body as character, set, and instrument in a multidisciplinary exploration of […]

Decentralized Features: Perceptions

Artists Jenny Hata Blumenfield and Rosie Quick interrogate our understanding of space. This Features installation is established in dialogue with Mana Contemporary exhibition, I Shall Tell Only What I Want to Tell, inviting viewers to contemplate preconceived notions of our environment. Depth is flattened, perspective is distorted, and existing spaces are reconceptualized. Hata Blumenfield and […]