Staff Directory

The Office of Cultural Affairs is open Monday – Friday from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm. For general inquiries, please call the main number at (201) 547-6921 or email us at

Christine Goodman, Director, Office of Cultural Affairs

Greg Brickey
Rotunda Art Gallery Curator and Event Planner

Marijul Conol
Senior Community Relations Specialist

Lisa Catanio
Marketing & Outreach Coordinator

Tristen Mathis
Audio & Visual Aid and Permitting Clerk

Christopher Pellegrino
Program Coordinator, Special Events

Jalen Haynes
On-Site Event Assistant &
Equipment Transport

Leotis Clyburn
Community Relations Specialist

Catherine Deadwyler
Supervisor of Accounts

Glenn Luttman
Audio & Visual Specialist

Catherine Nichols
Office Manager

Gretchen Von Koenig
Curator & Grant Specialist

Dominique Pollard
On-Site Event Assistant

Christopher Englese
Film Permitting And Special Events

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