Artist Certification

The Jersey City Artist Certification Board (ACB) is comprised of arts-professionals who peer-review applications of artists wishing to reside in a live/work space. An artist must be certified by the Planning Board to receive Artist Certified live/work space benefits, which is guided in the certification process by the recommendation of the ACB.

How do I become a Certified Artist?

Click here to fill out the digital Artist Certification Board application. Fill it out to completion by attaching all required materials, including a resume and documentation of artwork for a minimum of the last five years.

For questions, please call (201) 547-5010

What criteria are used by the ACB to become a Certified Artist?

  1. The artists’ commitment to the fine arts as a career.
  2. The need for large loft space in which to create his or her art.
  3. Commitment to education.
  4. Current body of work.*
  5. Exhibition record.
  6. References from other artists or art professionals.

*NOTE: In no event shall the content of the art created be used as a criterion to determine eligibility to occupy a live/work space.

When can I apply to become a Certified Artist?

Applications can be submitted at any time. They are reviewed by the ACB on a monthly basis.

How do I know when I am approved to be a Certified Artist?

  • Applications which meet the necessary criteria are presented to the Planning Board for final adoption. Once approved, the artist will be notified.
  • The ACB reviews applications filed by persons who are interested in occupying a live/work space as either an owner, tenant or sub-tenant, to determine if the applicant can be certified to occupy such space.

Do I have to renew my application as a Certified Artist at any point?

  • Certifications expire every 10 years. You are required to renew your application to ensure continued eligibility.
  • In the event a certified artist divorces their spouse or dies, the family of the artist occupying the work/live space shall be given a two (2) year grace period.

NOTE: On the certification form, live/work spaces are referred to as being located in the WALDO, which stands for Work and Live District Overlay. 

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Contact Joey-Ann Morales, Secretarial Assistant, Jersey City Planning Division:   Phone: 201-547-5010        Email: