Liberty State Park

Tarik Mendes Open Art Studio at 150 Bay Street ART150 JCAST 2022

Join local downtown Jersey City artist, Tarik Mendes at his open art studio at 150 Bay Street! Along with other artists at ART150, entrance located on Provost and 1st. Sponsorship by TelaModa & TelaModaPrints. Starting September 29, the four-day festival will feature over 1,000 artists at more than 140 locations spanning the entire city. JCAST […]

H2Ow Far Can You Walk: 5K Walkathon

H2Ow Far Can You Walk: 5K Walk-a-Thon will take place in Liberty State Park on Saturday, June 25th. This special event aims to raise awareness about the growing water crisis in sub-Saharan Africa and raise funds to reconstruct 250 dried, abandoned, broken water wells in countries such as Chad, Nigeria, and Cameroon. These restored wells […]