The John W. Meagher Rotunda Gallery, located on the second and third floors of City Hall in Jersey City, features rotating monthly exhibits curated by the Office of Cultural Affairs.

Click here for information on open calls for upcoming exhibitions. For exhibition inquiries, contact Greg Brickey at or call (201) 547-4333.

Current Exhibitions: July 2019 // “The Art of Realism”

“The Art of Realism” is an exhibition that explores where the rendering of living subjects has been pushed and expanded by the artist to express a more thoughtful, emotive, and art historical aesthetic – than mere photographic reproduction. Featuring work by Jean-Antoine Norbert and Irvin Rodriguez

An opening reception will be held on Tuesday, June 16, from 6:00 – 8:00 pm in the City Hall Rotunda, 3rd floor. The exhibition will be on show from July 16 – 31.

Reception: Tuesday, July 16, 2019 from 6:00 – 8:00 pm

On view: July 16 – 31, 2019

Upcoming Exhibitions: For information about submitting your work for the next public show, visit our Open Call page.

 Past Rotunda Gallery Exhibitions:

ON VIEW NOW: July 2019: “The Art of Realism”


June 2019: “Solstice 2019”

May 2019: “Sustainable Neighborhoods” Group Exhibition, 3rd floor

April 2019: “Korean Artists” Group Exhibition, 3rd floor

March 2019: “Women’s History Month” Group Exhibition, 2nd & 3rd floor

February 2019: “Black History Month” Group Exhibition, 2nd & 3rd floor


December 2018/January 2019: “Jersey City, New Jersey: Image and Narrative” Group Exhibition, 3rd floor

November 2018: “Veterans Day Group Exhibition & Flag Raising” Group Exhibition, 3rd floor

October 2018: “JCAST Preview” and “Teachers as Artist” Group Exhibition, 3rd floor

September 2018: “JCAST Preview” Group Exhibition, 3rd floor

August 2018: “49 Years Embracing the Past” Group Exhibition, 3rd floor

July 2018: “Photo Series” Group Exhibition, 3rd floor

June 2018: “Degrees of Abstraction” Group Exhibition, 3rd floor

May 2018: “Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month Group Exhibition”, 3rd floor.

April 2018: “Korean Artists Group Exhibition”, 3rd floor

March 2018: “Women’s History Month Group Exhibition”, 3rd floor and the JC Public School’s “Permanent Student Art Collection” show, 2nd floor.

February 2018: “Black History Month Group Exhibition.” Click here to watch a video interview with some of the artists at the Opening.

January 2018: Rotunda was under renovation


December 2017: “Denver Art Society Group Art Exhibition,” curated by Roland Ramos

November & December 2017: “Combat Paper / Veterans’ Group Art Exhibition”

October 2017: Hispanic Heritage Month group show AND Jersey City Art & Studio Tour group show

September 2017: “The Spirit of Shackleton: An Expedition to Antarctica,” featuring photography by Sharon Sinton

August 2017: “The Teacher as Artist” group exhibition, curated by Heidi Curko

July 2017: Alan Walker & Mollie Thonneson

June 2017: Solstice; ProArts Group Show